As in today’s world, everything is online and it’s pretty hard to find a good design that matches its appeal. If the design isn’t appealing enough to match the product, then it can be the downfall of your product or service.

So it is very important to know about the good design, about what’s trending in the market. For this, the blog will lead you to some great graphic designers from 2020.

So the question arises that why do we need Graphic Designers? Well, Visuals are the only thing that grabs the attention of the viewers and leaves a first impression kind of thing.

While we write about 20’s Designers, first we need to know about the early design legends;

  • Cipe Pineles
  • Massimo Vignelli
  • Milton Glaser
  • Paul Rand

These designers brought a new wave in the businesses and set a new trend for the design world. Since then graphic design became popular. So lets move forward and check out 2020s now a days most popular graphic designers.

These are the top graphic designers that you need to know about!

1- Jason Santa Maria_

To list all of the titles that this influential designer holds would take us all day. His deep love of typography and traditional print elements is clearly illustrated within his social media postings.


2- Lauren Hom_

One of ‘Today’s Most Influential Graphic Designers’ by Creative Bloom, Lauren’s whimsical yet engaging typography fills (or rather ticks) all the Instagram boxes of her account.

3- Lotta Nieminen_

Lotta is a contemporary graphic designer, originally from Helsinki who has now set up roots (and a design studio) in the Big Apple. Her graphics and illustrations show her Nordic roots but with a pop of color that is unmistakably inspired by all things floral and plant-based.


4- Jessica Walsh_

As one half of New York City’s renowned Sagmeister and Walsh, Jessica is a designer that sees A-List clients such as Jay-Z and Levis vying for her design skills daily.


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